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How to Register Online

How to Register Online

Follow these simple steps to setting up an online account, registering online and navigating our website.

Creating an account

  1. On the main navigation bar of your site’s homepage, select Sign In. 

  2. This will bring up a small login window with options to Login to an existing account or Register for a new one. Click on Register.

  3. On the following page, input the Email and Password you wish to use for your new account under Create a new account.

  4. Clicking register will create your account and bring you to your new profile page

Navigating your profile page

To access your profile you must first be signed in. You can then click on the Account button on the main navigation bar of your site’s homepage.

On your profile screen you you will be presented with all of the information pertaining to your account, organized in 6 tabs:


My Profile: Allows you to view and edit your basic personal information

Family: A central location to manage your family information, including adding new family members.

Registrations: An overview of all events you and your family are registered for, as well as any of your upcoming programs.

Transactions: Provides a list of past transactions, including the ability to view transaction receipts and tickets.

Notifications: Manage your notification settings such as your active subscriptions and how to receive them

Other Information: Here you can change you profile photo as well as view recommended events, see announcements, and get a quick look at upcoming programs.

Setting up a family

On your profile page, you can set up all of your family members so they can be registered to programs and events.

  1. Once you are signed in and on your profile page, click on the Family tab.

  2. Here you will see your family groups once they are set up. We can add a new family by clicking on the New Family button.

  3. The account holder is then automatically set as the family guardian. To change the account holder’s information, click on the My Profile described above.

  4. To add a new family member, click on the Add Family Member button.

  5. Once created you can click the Click to Give Name link to input the family member’s information. Note: a birth date is not necessary but may be required to register for some events.

  6. Clicking save will save the family member’s information and take you back to the family tab. You can edit the information at any time by clicking on the family member’s name.

Signing up for programs

  1. To sign a family member up for a program, first go to the Programs page.

  2. Here you will see a tree of programs to chose from. You can simply click on the program that interests you, or you can use the search and filter functionality to narrow the types of programs shown.

  3. Once you are on a program page you will see all of the information about that programs, including a detailed description, the costs and fees, and the program schedule.

  4. If you are not signed in, you will see a Sign In To Register button. Clicking this will allow you to sign in or create an account before proceeding.

  5. Once signed in, you will be able to select a family member you wish the register for this program. If any critical family member information is not filled out you will not be able to register your family member and will be see a Fix On Profile button. It is also possible that your family member may not be able to register due to a restriction on the number of people in the program, the family member’s age, or the date on which the program is open for registration.

  6. If a family member is successfully selected, you can then add the registration to your cart.

  7. Now, clicking on the Shopping Cart will show you the list of registrations in your cart and allow you to check out online. You can always visit the facility in person to check out using other payment methods.

  8. Once your registration has been payed you will receive a receipt at your email address. It will also display in your Account page under the Transactions tab. You can review any registered programs from your Account using the Registrations tab (See Navigating your account).

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